Eastern Blood... (1996)



1. Execute Them All
2. The Immortals
3. Revenge
4. The Defender
5. In The Name Of God
6. Against The World
7. Victims Of War
8. Shadows In The Deep
9. Before The Creation Of Time
10. Berserk
11. Into Glory Ride
12. Dead Forever
13. If They Had Eyes
14. For They Shall Be Slain
15. Unleashed
16. The Immortals
17. The Dark One
18. Into Glory Ride
19. Shadows In The Deep
20. Violent Ecstasy
21. Before The Creation Of Time 


Fredrik: Lead Guitar
Johnny: Bass & Vocals
Tomas: Rhythm Guitar
Anders: Drums 

Additional information

Songs 1-11 Recorded Live In Katovice (Poland), November 24th 1995.
Songs 12-21 Recorded Live In Cologne (Germany), April 


Where as Live In Vienna was released to conquer a bootlegger's underhanded efforts, this record is meant as a proper live release for all the loyal Unleashed fans. 21 songs and 78 minutes in length, this record features two complete live sets, one recorded recently and the other a classic outing from the group's early days.much…”