Hell's Unleashed (2002)



1.  Don't Want To Be Born 
2.  Hell's Unleashed 
3.  Demoneater 
4.  Fly Raven Fly 
5.  Mrs. Minister
6.  Joy In The Sun
7.  Demons Rejoice 
8.  We'll Come For You
9. Triggerman
10. Dissection Leftovers
11. Peace, Piece By Piece
12. Burnt Alive
13. Your Head Is Mine
14. Made In Hell 


Anders: Drums
Fredrik: Lead Guitar
Tomas: Rhythm Guitar
Johnny: Bass & Vocals

Additional information


"Like it or not but we're back again, Hell's Unleashed! Join the madness or step aside!". We couldn't have said it any better than the band themselves do in the lyrics to the title track of their new record. The mighty Swedish Death Metal originators return with a new album symbolically entitled "Hell's Unleashed" that meets all the demanding expectations after a couple of years of recording silence.
Originally started out in 1989 by main man Johnny Hedlund after the demise of the legendary band Nihilist (other members of that band founded Entombed), Unleashed established a huge reputation worldwide throughout the '90s for being one of the most individual and recognizable old-school Death Metal bands and certainly some of the strongest live performers around.

The band conquered audiences on numerous lengthy tours together with bands such as Morbid Angel, Death, Entombed, Samael, Cannibal Corpse and At The Gates, to mention but a few. Unleashed's early records "Where No Life Dwells" and "Shadows In The Deep" are still regarded as all-time classic records within their genre and have in fact been successfully re-released by Century Media with bonus tracks in the last year due to persisting demand by the Extreme Metal community.
After a couple of extremely outstanding open air festival appearances in the last Summer of 2001 (With Full Force, Graspop and Mind Over Matter), the traditional line-up of Johnny (Bass & Vocals), Fredrik (Lead Guitar), Tomas (Rhythm Guitar) and Anders (Drums), has managed to spawn the Unleashed album that their brave and faithful army of following warriors has been waiting for.
Typically catchy, grooving mid-paced songs like the opening "Don't Want To Be Born" and "Fly Raven Fly", aggressive faster attacks like the awesome title track "Hell's Unleashed", "Peace, Piece By Piece" or "Mrs. Minister" as well as the beloved straight forward compositions in the unique band's writing style "Demoneater" and "We'll Come For You".

14 new songs of pure musical evil that won't leave any Death Metal warrior unimpressed, and to quote the band once more, "We create hell, you unleash it!!!"