Live In Vienna '93 (1994)



1. The Final Silence
2. Bloodbath
3. Before The Creation Of Time
4. Shadows In The Deep
5. Never Ending Hate
6. If They Had Eyes
7. Open Wide
8. Onward Into Countless Battles
9. Where No Life Dwells
10. Dead Forever
11. Countess Bathory
12. The Immortals
13. Into Glory Ride
14. Breaking The Law 


Fredrik: Lead Guitar
Johnny: Bass & Vocals
Tomas: Rhythm Guitar
Anders: Drums

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The second-best way to hear Unleashed, other than seeing them live! Recorded live in Austria, this compilation of the band's best songs is sure to be appreciated by anyone who ranks this band among their favorites. This record was released to combat a bootleg of the same show which had been circulating for a much higher Unleashed did their fans a favor by giving them a less expensive, superior version!