The GEMA has just notified the band that they have allowed SPV/SONY to withdraw several thousand Euros from the bands authors accounts. After some time of trying to get the GEMA to answer the obvious and simple question: BASED ON WHAT? The GEMA refuses to reply. But sends a mail to the STIM/NCB and say we have no right to ask them questions directly. No questions? How convenient. The GEMA let any record label withdraw money from bandmembers accounts and have no plan on answering why this happens. SPV/SONY owes the band tons of money according to their own mechanical statements. Yet they can withdraw substantial amounts from the bandmembers accounts without a shred of evidence. Very convenient and lucrative. says: This is just one of many examples of how musicians are treated in the music industry. Some companies do what they want and couldn't care less about the music and lyrics. They are only in it for the money. The website will continute going public with things like this until we get answers.