A Legend forever.

I recall being around 13 years old going to my first Motorhead show. Bangin’ my head like a maniac. Back in school the next day, idiots and other lowlifes told me that come my 20th birthday I wouldn’t listen to crap like that anymore. I’d mature they said.  When I became 20 years old, even more lowlifes at work said, that this is just a phase that I am going through and it will pass very soon.  As I turned 30, even more hollow people said that this is still not music, it is something else. Well, I am a little older now, and still, after a lifetime of membership in the metal family, (the greatest and most loyal community in the world), I listen to the music of bands like Motorhead on a daily basis. In fact, I have passed through many cars, apartments, friends, dishes and drinks in life like most of us. But Motorhead is still there, it is truly one of the most consistent things in life I can think of. And I’d like to keep it that way.

Way back then, the music and lyrics of Motorhead proved to me that no matter what happens, or how much they try to take away from me, they can’t take away my way of life. For that is what Motorhead represented to me, and still does. A way of life.

A Raven whispered in my ear that the bar in Valhalla is well equipped in many ways and that they serve whiskey too. They also play rock’n roll around the clock.

We thank you Mr Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister for a lifetime of inspiration. You are a legend forever.


Johnny & The Boys