Hail Odin!

As nature stands in full glory. The Sun is shining with intense brightness, and warmth finally comes to man. Yet a lot of cold has recently infested our hearts. But friends we lost to mother nature shall be with us in mind and spirit forever.

The Sun wheel tells of past, present and future of death and of life. And we know this to be true for it is all only a matter of time. A short time, or a longer time that man will walk the earth. So we shall celebrate the time that is given to us. And make the most of it, here and now.

And we plant new seeds. We strive towards greatness and we never surrender. For one day we will harvest again.

Hail Frey!

When the fire has burned out. When passion for things of noble art seems of less worth, and darkness and destruction is upon us. We must stand up strong for those who come after us. For they are the ones to inherit the earth. We Blot to their health and to their earthly success and happiness.

Hail Freya!

A blot to new and prosperous times, and to all things of greatness worthy of our devotion.

Hail Odin!