Hail Odin!

The winter solstice is here. The reason for the Yule season.
It is the longest night and the shortest day of the year.
Mother nature’s new year begins as we move toward brighter times. 
We raise our horns and drink Yule to our fallen warriors, those worthy of our remembrance.
Some, was chosen by the Valkyries to enter Valhalla far too early.
Some, entered the great halls simply because their time had come.

As the darkness is upon us, and never seems to lose its grip.
We know that there is a new dawn rising, a brighter tomorrow that belongs to us.
But it won’t come easy. This, is all on you.

Hail Thor!

We must stand up strong to face the world, proudfully and forthright in our actions.
We must strive towards the best and most heroic act of man.
We must aim for greatness and the highest ideal. This, is our Odin call.

And if the day comes, when noble deeds reaps victory, then we know.

Warriors of Midgard!
We wish you all an amazing Midvinterblot.

Hail Odin!