Odalheim (2012)



1. Fimbulwinter
2. Odalheim
3. White Christ
4. The Hour of Defeat
5. Gathering The Battalions
6. Vinland
7. Rise of The Maya Warriors
8. By Celtic And British Shores
9. The Soil of Our Fathers
10. Germania
11. The Great Battle of Odalheim


Anders: Drums
Fredrik: Lead Guitar
Tomas: Rhythm Guitar
Johnny: Bass & Vocals

Additional Information

Odalheim was recorded at the Chrome Studio in Sweden and produced by UNLEASHED guitar player Fredrik Folkare 


And Yggdrasil did tremble... and during the three years of everlasting cold and darkness called the Fimbulwinter, Mother Nature took back what was rightfully hers. And life as we knew it was never the same again. It was Ragnarök, liberator and death.

From the ashes of the old world, a new one began to take form. Here is where the story of Odalheim begins...