Shadows In The Deep (1992)



1. The Final Silence
2. The Immortals
3. A Life Beyond
4. Shadows In The Deep
5. Countess Bathory
6. Never Ending Hate
7. Onward Into Countless Battles
8. Crush The Skull
9. Bloodbath
10. Land Of Ice 


Fredrik: Lead Guitar
Johnny: Bass & Vocals
Tomas: Rhythm Guitar
Anders: Drums 

Additional information

Recorded at Woodhouse Studios in Dortmund, Germany in April 1992
Produced by Unleashed & Waldemar Sorychta, Engineered by Siggi Bemm, CD Century Media 1992 (84 9732-2) 


"With their second album, Unleashed continue to deliver grinding, brutal tunes filled with the audacity and style that has become their trademark. With strong material, they exhibit growth and technical advancement with retaining fury and strength. The CD version also includes a cover of the Venom chestnut "Countess Bathory" as a bonus track!"