Sworn Allegiance (2004)



1. Winterland
2. Destruction (Of The Race Of Men)
3. Only The Dead
4. The Longships Are Coming
5. Helljoy
6. Insane For Blood
7.  I Bring You Death
8. Attack!
9. CEO
10. One Night In Nazareth
11. Praised Be The Lord
12. Metalheads
13. To Miklagård
14. Long Live The Beast


Anders: Drums
Fredrik: Lead Guitar
Tomas: Rhythm Guitar
Johnny: Bass & Vocals

Additional information

Mixed by Fredrik Folkare at Chrome Studios and mastered by Peter In de Betou from Tailor Maid Productions (Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, Katatonia, etc.)


All hail the Swedish Warriors!!! It shouldn’t be necessary to introduce this outstanding flagship of true Death Metal with thousands of words. “Sworn Allegiance” is the band’s seventh studio album since their foundation in 1989 after the demise of the legendary band Nihilist (the remains of which went on to form Entombed) and once again UNLEASHED managed to release another brutal, fast, groovy and catchy monster that simply shows no mercy.

Song highlights definitely are the blowing opening track “Winterland”, “Destruction (Of The Race Of Men)”, the new live anthem “Metalheads” ("We have the most faithful and dedicated fans in the world. Catch Unleashed live and see for yourselves! Death Metal…by fans…for fans!" says Johnny) and “The Longships Are Coming”, which deals with one of UNLEASHED's main topics, the ancient Viking godfathers, of which Hedlund says: "Lindisfarne is said to be the first evidence of a Viking attack in the year of 793. One can only imagine what it must have been like for the monks in the monastery when they realized what was coming their way. Praying to God for help didn’t help much…”