Victory (1995)



1. Victims Of War
2. Legal Rapes
3. Hail The New Age
4. The Defender
5. In The Name Of God
6. Precious Land
7. Berserk
8. Scream Forth Aggression
9. Against The World
10. Revenge 


Fredrik: Lead Guitar
Johnny: Bass & Vocals
Tomas: Rhythm Guitar
Anders: Drums 

Additional information


"The Swedish lords of E-chords have returned to the studio for yet another lethal recording in the form of Victory! A proud tradition of dedication to their roots are kept alive in lyrical tales such as "The Defender", "Hail The New Age" and "Precious Land". Unmistakably Unleashed!"
This is also the last record with Fredrik Lindgren, he parted with Unleashed to work full time with his own band "Terra Firma". He was replaced by Fredrik Folkare who does his first appearance on the "Warrior" album