Warrior (1997)



1. Warmachine
2. In Hellfire
3. Mediawhore
4. Down Under Ground
5. My Life For You
6. Death Metal Victory
7. Hero Of The Land
8. Löngt Nid
9. Born Deranged
10. I Have Returned
11. Ragnarök
12. Your Pain My Gain
13. The End









Anders: Drums
Fredrik: Lead Guitar
Tomas: Rhythm Guitar
Johnny: Bass & Vocals

Additional information

Recorded at EMI Studios in Stockholm, Sweden in March,1997
Produced by Unleashed & Fredrik Andersson,Engineered by Fredrik Andersson
Mastered by Clas Persson at CRP Recording, CD, Century Media 1997 (77124 2)



"Since the time when bassist/vocalist Johnny Hedlund split from the original incarnation of Entombed and formed Unleashed, his outfit has produced records of unwavering intensity such as Across The Open Sea, Shadows In The Deep and the infamous debut, Where No Life Dwells. The band's refusal to compromise their sound for the sake of modern trends has gained them fans whose loyalty is unshakable, and these Swedish lords of E-chords are nothing short of a jugular-bound juggernaut, with a live show that is among the most intense in the genre. At a time when most death metal bands are changing their sound or evolving towards a more melodic approach, Unleashed are carrying on with what they do best, and their fans love them for it. Warrior is the sixth gem to be set in their crown - all hail these overlords of the underground!"