Unleashed represents the past, present and future of rebellion against all that is false and unjust. You may argue that it is very subjective as to what is false and unjust and what is not. True!. This site is for the warriors of Unleashed, who recognize our struggle and share our views of the world. If you’re not one of us, we strongly urge you to leave this site and never return. We are not here for you. Period.

If you are one of us however, you know by now that fighting the oppressor is a lifelong task. And that those who oppose us come in many shapes and forms. But we have all the time in the world, and we will always return fire. Our enemies may charge us and win small victories at school, at work or at any place they choose for a battle ground. But we will always come back with the fury and strength of a true Viking warrior. Be it physical strength or mental revenge, we will always strike back. So our enemies know by now that there will always be consequences to their actions. Whatever the outcome of the battle, we never forget who was on our side, and who was not....at the turn of the tide.

In the battle of life, our platform is the Viking tradition and values. Our weapon of choice is whatever we choose for the moment. Any and all things are possible. Combining the wisdom of our forefathers with present day strength and determination. We will see the new dawn rising, and write the next page in history to come. We define the road ahead, for the old and obsolete institutions lack ideas for the future.

To the common man, his various pathetic and hollow forms of music is a hobby. Our music is a way of life, and a hammer of justice, in the future that we will determine and create. 

This website is the only one where you will find facts about the band that you can truly rely on. It will contain facts and nothing but facts concerning all things Unleashed. Anything related to the music, lyrics, business, media, industry and other things that concern the band and our battalions of true warriors. Everywhere and anyhow. What gets published here comes from either one or all band members, or from a loyal associate of the band.