After 5 months of planning and communicating the fact that Johnny (for once) would bring his family on this cruise, the promoter declared (some 14 days before boarding) that Johnny’s son was 5 days too young to board. The cruise ship company had a policy that couldn’t be changed no matter what. says; The disappointment is pretty obvious coming this late with the info of an infant policy, especially since Johnny made no secret of the fact that he was bringing an infant. However, we do not hold the promoter entirely responsible for this since they really did try hard to the very last day to get a change in the cruise ship company policy. Now, you can always argue it would have been pretty easy to just get it done anyway. But a Viking takes care of his family first. And since cancellation was not an option, Tomas lift up the broad axe and also did vocals to make the best possible of the shows. We’d like to think that those who were there appreciated this effort greatly. Again…..thanks to our all warriors who made this cruise a great party!